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Hotel im Allgäu in Fischen

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Biking and more through the Allgau

Bikers love the region around the Hotel Sonnenbichl in the Allgau. There are a quite a lot of well-prepared bike tours leading through the attractive nature of the Allgau. There is relaxing tour for the whole family from Langenwang along the Iller to Oberstdorf or Sonthofen (about 40 minutes).

Or is you like it more sportive take one of the tours up the hills with the mountain bike. We offer you a special mountain bike map which shows tours not only through the Allgau but also to the nearby Austrian region. We can recommend a sportive tour to the Rohrmoos valley or to the Giebelhaus at Hinterstein. Not to forget the Bikerpark in Bad Hindelang – while in winter the fans of sledging like the facilities, the biker take over the park when the snow melted away.

And how about a very special challenge through the Bolgental to the top of the Hörnerbahngrat? At the lodges you can relax and refresh with a Allgau Brotzeit and in the evening back at the Hotel Sonnenbichl a visit at the sauna will guarantee a good night sleep.

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