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Medical Wellness in the Allgau

Inpatient treatments
Date and health establishments will be determined by your health insurance. You have little influence on that. Billing is done directly with your insurance; you must only pay a personal contribution per day.

Select date and treatment yourselves. The cost can be paid directly to us and then submit the bill to your health insurance in order to obtain a refund.

Open spa treatments

(ambulatory care or rehabilitation)
Select the date and treatment that you wish to receive. The cost for all spa applications and for the spa doctor will be settled directly with your insurance. You only pay your own share of the spa treatment. You pay the pension cost to us and submit the invoice during checkout. Ask if and how much pension grant you receive per day.

Spa treatment by prescription:
We are happy to receive a prescription from your general practitioner. In this case you also only pay the share that falls to us.

The costs of health:
Your car goes to the mechanic every 2 years. And you? How important is health, that we only notice when we no longer have it? Here is a cure that is not as expensive as we generally assume it will be. This treatment will help you, throughout the year, to better master your own health .

Take a spa vacation in the Sonnenbichl and bring quality of life back home with you.

And for free…

Cures from nature:

  • The distinctive, charming climate in the foothills of the Alps
  • Excellent air quality
  • Ideal altitude of 800 meters
  • Smoke free
  • Sunshine through the mountains
  • A peaceful environment to relax and unwind from stress
  • Treatable Symptoms

Cardiovascular diseases
Nervous heart problems, cardiac anxiety, stress and stitches in the heart, too low or too high blood pressure, cold hands and feet.

Vessel and Venous disease

Degenerative rheumatic diseases:
Such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, back pain, neck aches or headaches, tense muscles in the shoulder and neck, and slipped discs.

Digestive organ disease:
Liver, stomach, gall bladder, urinary, intestinal, metabolism

Respiratory diseases:
Chronic bronchitis, also found in children and adolescents. Susceptibility to colds and coughs, bronchitis after the flu, and chronic inflammation of the sinuses.

Psychosomatic diseases:
Nervous fatigue, delayed recovery, sleep disorder

Health Information
The family doctor can make requests and apply to your health insurance. If the request is rejected then you have the right to appeal.

Online booking

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