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The Softpack-system

From the pharmacy of nature

Gentle, fragrant, Alpine herb scrub

Alpine herb blend of lavender, chamomile, peppermint, marigold, and rose

€ 35,-

Classic Salt and Mud Wrap

Heating will help with strain and rheumatic disorders. The strong sorptive (withdrawing) effect and the high salinity of the salt silt are ideal for skin cleansing.

€ 35,-

Orange blossom bath
This is suitable for the care of sensitive or inflamed skin. It supports the rebuff of old skin cells and stimulates the formation of new ones. The scent is relaxing, soothing, and rejuvenating.


Rose petal bath
Soothing ingredients and subtle scents will pamper your body and mind. The rose petal fragrance is particularly harmonizing and relaxing.

€ 35,-

Allgäuer hay bath
The hay from unfertilized Alpine meadows contains highly effective grasses, flowers, and herbs. Their amount of essential oils is particularly high. You will feel invigorated, purified, and strong after this bath while also experiencing reduced cardiovascular stress.

€ 35,-

Cleopatra bath
Even Cleopatra bathed in milk and pure oil, all offered under our Soft Pack system.

€ 35,-

Goat-Butter Cream Bath
The unique properties of goat butter: cell-building and cell renewal effect as well as skin cell protection will truly be seen once you experience this bath.

€ 39,-

Evening primrose oil bath
This hydrating and moisturizing cream bath is a special treatment in clinical dermatology. The high proportion of gamma-linolenic acid in the oil makes it highly effective for treating many skin irritations.

€ 35,-

Freshly prepared algae, which is still an active substance, is applied in thin layers to the body. This is successfully used against cellulite.

€ 35,-

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